Manufacturer of curtain rails

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Cornices LEGRAND

The company started in 1997 with the manufacturing of components for wood curtain rails.

Soon the company thought about expanding its production facilities and creating a full-cycle curtain rail production, but in Russia at that time a number of the most complicated wood processing technologies for this purpose were just not mastered. Therefore, the founders of the company Le-Grand went to Italy to adopt the unique experience and technology of wood processing on one of the most famous Italian family factories Bagattoni.

Studying a range of rails represented in Europe, the founders of the company noted a trend of replacing metal and wood curtain raild by new product - ceiling curtain rail on the basis of a plastic profile. Upon returning to Russia, it was decided not only to introduce new technologies for manufacturing wood elements of the curtain rail, but also to master the production of plastic profiles.

From Europe were brought all the advanced technologies, which became the hallmark of the brand LEGRAND later: the full-cycle production of round wood rods, the technology of painting rings for the rods, the processing of original wood baguette with a figured edge, the plastic profile extrusion and many others.

The development of these technologies gave a serious impetus to the growth of the LEGRAND brand, and the company brought to market its own, essentially new commodity at that time – curtain rail assembly in 2002 year. This decision has significantly optimized the process of selection, purchase and installation of the curtain rail. The product quickly became a bestseller, and up to 2008 the geography of the brand included 58 regions of Russia and former CIS countries.

The specialists of the company always aim to offer trendy, qualitative, safe and comfortable product. In 2012 was created the innovative hook-roller and it was the original solution that made the process of using curtains more easy and comfortable. The universal roller replaced the traditional hook for fixing the curtains, providing a much softer, smooth and flying sliding along the profile, long-time expiring and super durability.

Russian customers love LEGRAND goods. The proof of it – the results of marketing research in 2013. Due to them every third curtain rail sold in Russia is produced by “LEGRAND”.