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How to change the length of the plastic cornice with turns?
Plastic ceiling cornices with rotary elements TM LEGRAND are modern and convenient models for window decoration. All parts of plastic cornices are joined together and assembled into a single structure without the use of glue or screws. It is this constructive feature of plastic cornices that allows you to change the length of the cornice independently at home without compromising the appearance. Read more
What kind of curtain rails can be?
The curtain rails classification: By the installation option they can be ceiling or wall. By shape they can be: round (rod), profile (rail), baguette (the front side is decorated with molding) and string (the elementary variant). By materials curtain rails can be: wood, metal and plastic. Read more
Why roller blinds are so popular?
It's funny sometimes to walk along the streets of some European town. Clean neat little houses similar to each other, with the same roofs and windows. Even curtains on windows are the same. In Russia the attitude to curtains is another. The direct appointment of curtains is to protect from sunlight and curious looks, we must certainly combine with the aesthetic component. Women try to emphasize the individuality of their home, so the last times increasingly resort to decorating the window with roller blinds. Read more
Several ways to improve the view from the window!
View from the window is a very important criterion in choosing apartment, sometimes even decisive. But instead of a picturesque lawn opposite your windows can easily grow a high-rise building that will ruin all the beauty. Not saying about the cases when the windows face a dull concrete fence, industrial zone or, even worse, a rubbish dump. But even if you can’t do anything outside with a bad view from the window, you can work with it from inside, in your own apartment. Read more